Greek - A sea-god. Son of Poseidon or Pontus and Gaea or Nereus and Doris. Brother and consort of Ceto. Father of the Echidna, the Gorgons, the Graiae and Ladon. In some accounts he is the same as Glaucus, Nereus and Proteus. Some say that he was the father by Hecate of Scylla and by Sterope of the Sirens, the Tritons and Thoosa. He is depicted as a crab. Also commonly identified as Phorcos, Phorcys, Phorcys, Old man of the Sea, Old man of the Sea, Nereus, Proteus, Phorcus, Phorcus, Phorkus, Phorkus, Phorkys or Phorkys.

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