Greek - Daughter of Pandion, Poseidon or Teleon by Zeuxippe. Sister of Butes, Erechtheus and Procne. Her sister Procne married Tereus but he preferred Philomena and, pretending that Procne was dead, persuaded Philomena to marry him. When she discovered his deception, Tereus cut out her tongue to prevent her telling Procne. In another version, it was Procne whose tongue was cut out. Whichever one it was communicated with the other by weaving a message into a tapestry. All three were turned into birds. Since Philomena was changed to the nightingale, a famous singer, it seems more likely that it was Procne who had her tongue cut out. In other accounts, both girls melted away in their own tears. Sometimes known as Philomena, Philomela or Philomela.

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