Greek - A famous archer. One of the Argonauts. Son of Poeas and Demonassa. It was he who, by order of his father, set the torch to Heracles' funeral pyre and Heracles bequeathed his bow and arrows to him as reward. Others say that the pyre was set alight by Poeas. He went with the Greek army when it sailed to attack Troy but was left at Lemnos, when he received a severe bite from a serpent sent by Hera. Others say that he dropped one of Heracles' poisoned arrows on his foot. Keeping the bow and arrows given to him by Heracles, he survived by shooting game. When Helenus foretold that only someone armed with the bow of Heracles could bring about the fall of Troy, Odysseus and Diomedes (or Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles) returned to Lemnos and persuaded Philoctectes to go back with them to Troy where he was cured by the army physicians Machaon and Podaleirius. At Troy he shot and wounded Paris who died. He left the siege before it ended and sailed to Italy where he spent the rest of his life. Also referred to as Philoctetes.
Greek - A play by Sophocles dealing with the archer's return to help the Greeks. At Troy. Referred to as Philoctetes.

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