Slavic - A thunder-god. Father of Peronutius. In Serbia, this deity is said to be incarnate in Ilya (St Elias) who can control thunder and lightning. He is depicted as having three heads, each with a red face. At times, referred to as Peroon, Peron, Peron, Peroun, Peroun, Perun, Perun, Perunu, Perunu, Prone, Prone, Pero(u)n, Pero(u)n, Perun(u), Perun(u), Bohemian Peranu, Bohemian Peranu, Perkonis, Perkunos, Perusan, Piker, Piorun, Pitkainen, Pyerun, Bulgarian Perusan, Bulgarian Perusan, Peranu, Perkons, Perkunos, Estonian PikerFinnish Pitkainen, Estonian PikerFinnish Pitkainen, Latvian Perkons, Latvian Perkons, Perkunos, Lithuanian Perkunos, Lithuanian Perkunos, Pirgene, Polish Piorun, Polish Piorun, Perkunos, Prussian Perkonis, Prussian Perkonis, Perkunos, Russian Pirgene, Russian Pirgene, Perkunos, Serbian Gromovit or Serbian Gromovit.

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