European - (d. 714). King of the Franks. Father of Charles Martel. Occasionally identified as Pepin.
European - (715-768). King of the Franks. Son of Rother and Oda. Brother of Carloman. Husband of Aliste and Bertha. Father of Andri and Remfré by Aliste. Father of Carloman and Charlemagne. By Bertha. He was betrothed to marry Bertha but her old nurse, Magiste, substituted her own daughter, Aliste, and she became queen. When the deception was exposed some years later, Bertha, who had meanwhile sheltered with Pepin's cowherd, Symon, and his wife Constance, was installed in her proper position. In some accounts he was said to have abducted his nephew Valentine, brother of Orson. Also identified as Pepin.
European - (778-811). King of Italy. Son of Charlemagne. Brother of Charlot and Louis. Known as Pepin.

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