African - A creator-god and tree-god of the Bambara: the primordial. Creation principle. Twin brother of Faro. He was made from the void and then created the world. He came down to earth as the seed from which an acacia tree grew. He made the first woman, Musso-koroni, from the wood of the tree and mated with her to generate men and animal life. She planted Pemba in the earth only for his brother, Faro the water-god, to dig him up. In some references, known as Pemba, Femba, Femba, Great Thing, Great Thing, Ngala, Ngala, 'god', Faro[sup]1, Faro[sup]1, 2[/sup], 2[/sup], Caecius, Dakkinis, Hine, Iseult, Isolt, Italapas, Italpas, Kakios, Kakus, kalamaka, Ker, Legua, Lilit, Lilithu, Lilitu, Parsifal, Pol, rvch or Yama.

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