British - King of the Isles. A Knight of the Round Table. Father of Aglovale, Alan, Dornar, Driant, Elaine, Lamerock, Melodiam, Nimue, Percival and Torre. He issued a challenge to all-comers, killing Miles and badly wounding Griflet. He then jousted with King Arthur and defeated him. Merlin put a spell on Pellimore to save the king's life. He was later welcomed at the king's court and given a place of honour at the Round Table. At Arthur's wedding feast, he was sent to find the knight who had ridden into the hall and forcefully made off with Nimue who had entered just before to claim the white bitch which had chased a white stag into the hall. He passed a damsel nursing a wounded knight but refused to stop and help her. When he found the lady, he found two knights fighting - Ontelake who had carried her off and Meliot, her cousin. He killed Ontelake and Meliot surrendered without a fight. He took Nimue back to Camelot and, on the way, saw the dead bodies of the damsel and the knight he had failed to help. It turned out that the girl was Elaine, his own daughter by the Lady of Rule, and the knight was her lover, Myles; they had both been attacked by Loraine le Sauvage as they travelled to Camelot to be married. He was one of those who pursued the Questing Beast without success. He killed Lot and was himself killed by Gawain, Lot's son. In some accounts, he is referred to as the Rich Fisher, is wounded in the thighs and is equated with Pelles; some describe him as the brother of Pelles; others equate him with Pelham. In some accounts, called Pellimore, Ballamora, Ballamora, Pelenore, Pelenore, Pelinore, Pelinore, Pelles, Pelles, Amfortas, Fisher King, Hermit King, King Pelles, Le Roi PÍcheur, Pelham, Pellam, Pell√©, Rich Fisher, Welsh Peleur, Elyas, Henron, Nascien, Pellinor, Pellinor, Pellinore, Pellinore, Ballamore, Ballamore, Pel(l)inore or Pel(l)inore.

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