British - A king of Carbonek. Keeper of the Holy Grail. Father of Elaine and Eliazar. Father of Pelham, some say. Cousin of Joseph of Arimathea. He was guardian of the Holy Grail who had been made lame for his sins. In one story, he found a ship covered in white samite, the ship that was later found by Galahad and his two companions in the Grail quest, and went aboard. When he tried to draw the sword of King Hurlane which he found there, a spectral spear pierced him through both thighs. A similar story is told of both Nascien and Parlan. To ensure a follower worthy of learning the secrets of the Grail, he used a magic potion to deceive Lancelot into thinking that Elaine was Guinevere. The result of their union was the boy Galahad. When Galahad reached the Grail at the end of his quest, he heard a voice from heaven telling him to anoint Pelles with blood from the Holy Lance. This washed away his sins and healed his wounds. Pelles spent the last years of his life in a monastery. Also called Pelles, Amfortas, Amfortas, Fisher King, Anfortas, Grail Keeper, Grail King, Le Roi PÍcheur, The Fisher King, The Sinner King, Rich Fisher, Hermit King, Hermit King, Elyas, King Pelles, King Pelles, Pelham, Pelham, Pellam, Pelleam, Pellean, Pelleham, Pellehan, Pellehen, Pell(e)am, Pelle(h)an, Pell√©, Pell√©, Welsh Peleur, Welsh Peleur, Henron, Henron, Nascien, Nascien, Nacien, Nacren, Nasciens, Nasien, Pellimore, Pellimore, Ballamora, Pelenore, Pelinore, Pellinor, Pellinore, Ballamore or Pel(l)inore.

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