British - A Knight of the Round Table. Husband of Nimue. At a tournament where he defeated 500 knights in three days, Pelleas fell hopelessly in love with Ettard who had organised the contest. When she rejected his advances, he made a nuisance of himself and she sent her knights against him. He unhorsed ten in quick succession but then allowed himself to be tied under the belly of his horse and taken prisoner so that he could catch just another glimpse of his beloved. As soon as he was released, he did the same again. Gawain tried to help by going to Ettard in the armour of Pelleas and telling her that he was dead but the ploy failed when Gawain seduced Ettard and stayed with her for some time. Pelleas, heart-broken, took to his bed and went into decline. Nimue found him in this state and put a spell on Ettard causing her to fall in love with Pelleas. She then bewitched Pelleas who rejected Ettard with scorn. Nimue then stayed with Pelleas for their lifetime. In some versions, they married. Occasionally identified as Pelleas.

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