British - A king of Lyonesse. Father of Lucius. Pelias invaded Cornwall and Thanor the king enlisted the help of the Irish. As a result, Cornwall was required to pay an annual tribute until Tristram defeated Morholt. Also commonly called Pelias.
Greek - King of Iolcus. Son of Poseidon and Tyro. Twin brother of Neleus. Husband of Anaxibia. Father of Acastus, Alcestis, Amphinone and Evadne. Tyro was the wife of Cretheus and, when he found out about her affair with Poseidon, he abandoned her and took her maid Sidero in her place. Tyro's twin sons by Poseidon were abandoned but they were found and reared by horse-herders. Sidero, when she married Cretheus, was very cruel to Tyro and when the twins were old enough they set out to avenge her with the result that Pelias killed Sidero. Another version says that Sidero was the second wife of Tyro's father, Salmoneus, and hence her stepmother. He later deposed Aeson and Polymele and took over the throne of Iolcus. When their son Jason later claimed the throne, he offered to give it up if Jason would fetch the Golden Fleece from Colchis. While Jason was away, his parents committed suicide and Pelias killed their young son Promachus. Jason returned with the Golden Fleece bringing with him Medea, the sorceress. She bewitched two of the daughters of Pelias into killing him, cutting him up and boiling him in the belief that, by this means, he would be rejuvenated. In some accounts, called Pelias.

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