British - A king of Listinoise. Son of Pelles, some say. Brother of Gorlan. He arranged a tournament for his knights at which Balin turned up looking for Gorlan. When Gorlan challenged him, Balin killed him and cut off his head so Pelham attacked Balin with a battle-axe, breaking Balin's sword. Balin ran away to find another weapon and came upon a room where there lay the perfectly preserved body of an old man and a strange spear, the Holy Lance. Balin seized the spear and used it to kill Pelham. Some accounts refer to this spear stroke as the Dolorous Stroke, others reserve the name for the sword-stroke that killed Lambor. In some accounts, he is the same as Pellimore. In some accounts, known as Pelham, Pellam, Pellam, Fisher King, Pelles, Pelleam, Pelleam, Pellean, Pellean, Pelleham, Pelleham, Pellehan, Pellehan, Pellehen, Pellehen, Pell(e)am, Pell(e)am, Pelle(h)an or Pelle(h)an.

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