Pacific Islands - The volcano-goddess of Hawaii. Goddess of fire. Daughter of Kane Hoalani and Haumea. Daughter of Mahuika, some say. Sister of Hiiaka and Kapo. Wife of Wahieloa and Lohiau. She was so unruly that her father sent her off to find her own house. She excavated for the foundations of a new home on many islands, finally building on Hawaii. It is said that the earlier excavations are the volcano craters of the Pacific region. Another story says that she challenged a chief, Kahawali, to a race down the slope of a volcano on wooden sledges and erupted in fury when she lost. The winner escaped by boat. Her first husband deserted her for another woman and Pele married the chieftain Lahiau. She left him soon after the wedding to prepare a new home but the message to say that it was ready took so long to reach him that he died. He was restored to life and set off with his attendants to go to Pele but once again it took so long that Pele lost patience and killed them all with fire. Another variation says that she sent Hiiaka to rescue his soul from the underworld. When Lahiau was restored to life, he fell in love with Hiiaka so the jealous Pele poured lava over him and he died again. When he was once again restored to life by Kane Hoalani, Pele repented and gave him up to Hiiaka. Sometimes referred to as Pele, Pere or Pere.

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