Greek - King of the Lapiths. Son of Ixion and Dia or Nephele or of Zeus (as a stallion) and Dia. Husband of Hippodamia. Father of Polypoetes. Having heard of the exploits of Theseus, Peirithous stole some of his cattle to test his mettle and they became lifelong friends as a result. During the hunt for the Calydonian boar his rashness nearly cost him his life but he was saved by Theseus. Some say that he was one of the Argonauts and took part in the expedition when Theseus raided the Amazons. At his wedding to Hippodamia, the drunken Centaurs tried to rape the women attending the ceremony, so starting the long-runing feud between the Centaurs and the Lapitha. After the death of Hippodamia he helped Theseus in the abduction of Helen. Theseus won when they drew lots for Helen and accompanied Peirithous to Tartarus to demand Persephone as a bride for the loser. They were both trapped by Hades in the Chair of Forgetfulness and although Theseus was rescued by Hercules, Peirithous was doomed forever. In some versions, only Theseus was trapped in the chair while Peirithous was bound to the revolving wheel to which Ixion had been bound. Some say that he was killed by the dog Cerberus, while other versions of the story say that the earth opened and swallowed him. Occasionally referred to as Peirithous, Perithous, Perithous, Pirithoos, Pirithoos, Pirithous, Pirithous, 'prancer' or 'prancer'.

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