Irish - A hermit. He lived alone on an island and was kept alive by fish brought to him by an otter. When Brendan and his crew called at the island, he was able to direct them to the Land of Promise. In some lore, occasionally identified as Paul.
Serbian - Brother of Radool and Yelitza. Paul's wife, jealous of her husband's affection for his sister, Yelitza, stabbed his horse, killed his falcons, and finally killed their own child, blaming it all on Yelitza. Paul had Yelitza killed, pulled apart by horses, and a church arose on the spot. A disease then affected his wife and she begged to be taken to the church to be cured. Rejected by a mysterious voice, she then allowed herself to be killed in the same fashion but, where she died, a foul lake formed. Sometimes referred to as Paul.

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