Irish - Leader of the second wave of invaders of Ireland. Son of Sera. Brother of Starn and Agnoman. Husband of Dealgnaid. Father of Eber, Laighlinne, Rudraidhe and Slaine. He had killed his parents in Greece, expecting to take over their kingdom. When he did not become king, he sailed for Ireland with his followers and settled there after defeating the Fomoire at the Battle of Magh nIotha. On one occasion, while he was away from home, his wife had an affair with Togda, his servant. In some accounts, Dealgnaid was his mother rather than his wife, and Nemed was his father or his brother. In some lore, occasionally called Partholan, Parthalan, Parthalan, Parthalon, Parthalon, Partholon, Partholon, Parytholon or Parytholon.

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