German - A guileless youth. Father of Lohengrin. In the Wagnerian story of the Holy Grail he innocently shot a swan in the grounds of the Temple of the Grail. The keeper allowed him to watch the knights at prayer and he resolved to regain the Sacred Spear which had been seized from Amfortas by the evil magician Klingsor. He resisted the temptations of the maiden, Kundry, in Klingsor's garden of delights and took the spear from Klingsor, using it to banish him and all his works from the face of the earth. After wandering for many years he finally found his way back to the Temple where he cured the wound of Amfortas by laying on the Sacred Spear and he became the guardian of the Holy Grail in place of Amfortas. Known as Parsifal, Holy Grail,The, Holy Grail,The, graal, grail, grayle, Sangraal, Sangreal, Sangrail, Lapis Exillis, Parzival, Parzival, Parzival, Parzival, Perceval, Perceval, Percival Peredur, Percival de Gales, Percival de Gales, Perse(val), Dutch Perchevael, Welsh Peredur, Dodinel or Peredur.

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