British - A king of France. He was a friend of King Arthur who helped in the quest of Culhwch for the hand of Olwen. Sometimes called Paris, Alexandrus, Alexandrus or Paris.
Greek - A prince of Troy. Son of Priam and Hecuba. Brother of Deiphobos and Hector. Father of Corythus by Oenone. His mother, pregnant with Paris, dreamed that she would bear a torch that would burn down the city or a monster which would destroy it. The prophet, Aesacus, interpeted this to mean that the boy would cause the death of his family and the loss of Troy and so his parents abandoned him on Mount Ida. He was suckled by a shebear, sheltered by the shepherd, Agelaus, and survived to manhood when he was returned to his parents. When he was asked to judge a beauty contest between the three goddesses Aphrodite, Athene and Hera, he awarded the prize, a golden apple, to Aphrodite because she promised him access to the most beautiful girl in the world - Helen, wife of Menelaus. He abandoned his wife, the nymph Oenone, who loved him, in the hope of winning Helen and returned to Troy where he was reunited with his parents who provided the ships for his expedition to Greece. There he was a welcome guest of Menelaus but when the king was absent, Paris abducted Helen and took her off to Troy. In the Trojan War that resulted from this abduction, he met Menelaus in single combat and would have been killed had not Aphrodite carried him back to safety in the city. His son, Corythus, came to fight at Troy and, when Helen fell in love with the youth, Paris killed him. He later shot and killed Achilles from the city walls, the arrow striking the Greek hero in the only vulnerable spot, his ankle. Another version of the death of Achilles says that Polyxena, who was given to Achilles as a prize, persuaded the Greek hero to divulge the secret of his vulnerable heel. Polyxena then told her brother Paris, and he stabbed Achilles in the heel at the wedding of Achilles and Polyxena. After the death of Achilles, Paris was shot and wounded by Philotoctes using Heracles' bow and was carried to Oenone who was reputed to know of a drug that would save Paris but she, still angry at being deserted, just let him die. In some lore, occasionally known as Paris, Alexandrus, Alexandrus or Paris.

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