South American - A Peruvian hero. Husband of Choque Suso. Father of Huathiacuri. When the flood waters subsided, five eggs on the high slopes of Mount Condorcoto hatched to produce new beings, one of whom was Paricaca. The other four produced falcons which turned into great warriors. He went in search of the tyrant king Huallallo and destroyed his whole village, saving only one girl who had given him a drink. At another village he met the girl Choque Suso who was crying because the drought was killing her maize crop. He promised to get water if she would love him and enlisted the help of all the animals and birds to irrigate the land and bring water to the parched crops. He married Choque Suso and later turned her into stone so that she could always remain in the place she loved. In some accounts he is the same as Pariacaca. Occasionally known as Paricaca.

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