Hindu - The sixth incarnation of Vishnu, as a human. Son of Jamad-Agni and Renuka. Consort of Dharani. It is said that he was born as Rama, son of a Brahmin hermit, the rishi Jamad- Agni, and was called Parashurama when Shiva gave him a battle-axe (Parashu). His father suspected his wife, Renuka, of lustful thoughts and commanded his five sons to kill her. Only Parashurama was willing to obey and he cut off her head with one blow of the axe given to him by Shiva. When his father offered him a reward he asked that Renuka be restored. He killed Kartavirya, the 1,000-armed king of the Himalayas, for an attack on his father's hermitage and stealing the sacred cow, Surabhi, or its calf. When the king's twenty-one sons made a further attack, killing his father, Jamad-Agni, Parashurama killed the whole kshatrya caste, the task for which he had been reincarnated, so that the priests could rule the earth. At this point, Vishnu returned to the heavens leaving Parashurama to rule Malabar. Sometimes called Parashurama, Parasu-Rama, Parasu-Rama, Parasurama or Parasurama.

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