New Zealand - Earth-mother of the Maori. Wife of Rangi. Wife of Tangaroa, some say. Mother of Haumea, Rehua, Rongo, Ruaumoko, Tane, Tangaroa, Tawhiri and Tu. She and Rangi were so firmly intertwined that their children could not leave the womb until Tane-mahuta forced them apart to form earth and sky. In some stories, the gods Atea and Tangaroa argued about the paternity of Papa's first child, each claiming to be the father. Papa cut the child in half and gave half to each of them. In Hawaii, Papa is the wife of Wakea (Atea). In some accounts, the same as Fa'ahotu. In Hervey Island, Papa is the daughter of Timatekore and Timaiti-Ngava and the wife of Atea to whom she bore Rongo, Tane, Tangaroa, Tanigila and Tongaiti. Occasionally referred to as Papa, Enua, Enua, Hotu Papa, Hotu Papa, Papa Tu Anaku, Papa Tu Anaku, Papatuanuku, Papatuanuku, Hotu-Papa, Hotu-Papa, Whenua or Whenua.

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