Hindu - A good spirit. Called pandu.


Hindu - Husband of Kunti and Madri. Father of the 5 Pandavas. Half-brother of Dhartarastra. His father was said to be Vyasa, a very ugly man, who did his duty to give children to the widows of the two sons of his half-brother, Santanu, who had died childless. Because one of the widows closed her eyes and the other went very pale when Vyasa slept with them, their sons, Dhartarastra and Pandu, were born respectively blind and light-skinned. Although he had two wives, he had no children of his own because he had accidentally killed a sage who had cursed him with his dying breath, proclaiming that Pandu would die if he ever slept with either of his wives. Pandu took the throne but abdicated in favour of his half-brother and became a hermit. Kunti bore three sons, after praying to the gods, and then handed this gift to Madri who was able to produce two more. These five sons, the Pandavas, were in conflict with their cousins, the Kauravas. Pandu finally yielded to his desires and made love to Madri but the sage's curse took effect and he died at that moment. Also commonly called Pandu.

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