Greek - Daughter of Erechtheus and Praxithea. Sister of Otionia. When Athens was invaded by Eumolpus, her father was told that he must sacrifice Otionia, one of his daughters. Pandora and another sister, Protogonia, sacrificed themselves as well. Also known as Pandora.
Greek - The first woman. Wife of Epimetheus. Mother of Pyrrha. She was created from clay by Zeus or Hephaestus as a gift for Epimetheus who rejected her at first but married her in haste when his brother Prometheus was punished by Zeus. It was she who opened the box, given to her by the gods as a wedding gift, that contained all the ills that have since afflicted mankind. Another version says that these were items that Prometheus had left over from the creation of man and stored in a jar which Pandora foolishly opened. In some accounts, she was the mother of Deucalion and Pyrrha by Prometheus or Epimetheus. Also referred to as Pandora.

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