Greek - A king of Athens. Son of Erichthonius and Praxitea. Husband of Zeuxippe. Father of twins Butes and Erectheus. Father of Procne and Philomena. Also known as Pandion.
Greek - A king of Athens. Son of Cecrops and Metiadusa. Husband of Pylia. Father of Aegeus, Lycus, Nisus and Pallas. He was expelled from Athens by the sons of Metion, his uncle, and went to Megara where he married Pylia, the daughter of the king, Pylas. He became king of Megara when Pylas was exiled for the murder of his uncle, Bias. Sometimes called Pandion.
Greek - Son of Phineus and Cleopatra. Brother of Plexippus. His father took another wife, Idaea, and put Cleopatra and her sons in prison. They were freed by Calais and Zetes who killed Phineus and put the brothers on the throne of Salmydessus. Pandion and his brother handed over the kingdom to their mother and joined the Argonauts. Referred to as Pandion.

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