Hindu - The 5 sons of Pandu. Pandu had two wives, Kintu and Madri, but refused to father children because of a curse which said that he would die if he tried. His five sons were fathered by the gods - Arjuna by Indra, Bhima by Vayu, Yudhishthira by Dharma (all children of Kunti) and Nakula and Sahadeva fathered by the Aswins on Madri. They were sent to the court of their uncle, Dhartarashtra, where they came into conflict with his one hundred sons, the Kauravas, and their subsequent battles form the subject matter of the Mahabharata. After the battle, in which all the Karauvas were killed, the brothers went to Indra's heaven on Mount Meru. At times, called Pandavas, Paneros, Paneros, Pandus, Pandus, East Indies Pandawas, East Indies Pandawas, Pandowas, Pandowas or Pandawas.

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