East Indian - 5 kings of Java. These rulers were regarded as the incarnation of the five Dhyanibuddhas and ruled in the 11th and 12th centuries. They were noted for their wisdom and courage, manifestations of the Fivefold Buddha. Their names are given as Jayanagara, Jayawardhana, Kartanagara, Rajasanagara and Rajasawardhara. Occasionally identified as Pancha-Tathagata, Dhyanibuddhas, Dhyanibuddhas, Buddhas of Contemplation, Buddhas of Meditation, Five Celestial Buddhas, Five Wisdom Buddhas, manushibuddha, Wisdom Buddhas, Japanese Go-Chi Nyorai, Herukabuddhas, Mnushibuddhas or Pancha-Tagatha.

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