Palug's Cat

Welsh - A huge feline. Offspring of Hen Wen, some say. In some accounts, this beast was thrown into the sea by Coll ap Collfrewr, the swineherd in charge of Hen Wen, but was rescued and reared by the sons of Palug on the island of Anglesey. It was said to have eaten some 180 soldiers and was eventually killed by Kay. Other versions say it was Capalu, killed by King Arthur in the French Alps; others that the beast killed the king when they fought in a swamp and afterwards came to Britain where it took over the throne. On occassion, known as Palug's Cat, Cath Palug, Cath Palug, Paluc's Cat, Paluc's Cat, French C(h)apalu or French C(h)apalu.

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