Greek - Daughter of Triton. Triton reared Athena as a companion for Pallas. It was said that, having accidentally killed Pallas, Athena had the Palladium made in her memory. Sometimes identified as Pallas.
Greek - A Titan. Son of Crius and Eurybia. Brother of Astraeus and Perses. Husband of Styx. Father of Bia, Cratos, Nike and Zelos. Sometimes referred to as Pallas.
Greek - Son of Evander. In some accounts, he was the son of Heracles and Lavinia. He was killed by Turnus when fighting with the Trojans under Aeneas in Italy against the Latins and Rutulians. Occasionally identified as Pallas.
Greek - One of the Earthborn Giants. Son of Uranus and Gaea. He was killed in the war between the gods and the giants by Athena who flayed him and used his skin as cover for her breastplate. Thereafter, she used his name as Pallas Athena. Another version says that Pallas was Athena's father and she killed him when he tried to rape her. Referred to as Pallas.
Greek - A name of Athena adopted either in memory of the girl Pallas whom she. Had killed or of the giant Pallas (her. Father) she killed. Sometimes identified as Pallas.
Greek - Son of Pandion. Half-brother of Aegeus, Lyceus and Nicus. He was the father of fifty sons, all of whom were killed by Theseus. In some references, known as Pallas.

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