Greek - A wooden statue of Pallas Athene. This image was said to have fallen from the sky and was enshrined at Troy as guardian of the city. It was said that the city would never be conquered while the statue remained at Troy and so the Greeks Odysseus and Diomedes made a night-raid into the city and stole it during the siege of Troy. Some say that this was one of many copies to be found in the city. In some accounts, Diomedes gave this copy to Aeneas who took it with him to Italy although this could have been the original saved by Aeneas when Troy fell to the Greeks. Others say it was Numa Pompilius who brought the Palladium to Italy. Some say that the original Palladium was made from the shoulder-bone of Pelops. Occasionally identified as Palladium, Palladion, Palladion, plurPalladia or plurPalladia.

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