South American - An Inca creator-god. Son of Inti, some say. Brother of Con. It is said that he defeated Con, the earlier creator of men, turned Con's people into monkeys and made new beings. In another version of his story it is believed that he created humans but forgot their need for food. The man died of starvation and the woman was fertilised by the sun. Pachacamac killed her first son and grew plants from pieces of his body. Her second son, Vichama, drove Pachacamac into the sea when Pachacamac killed the woman. He remained in the seas as a sea-god. Some stories equate him with Ayar Ayca or Viracocha. Occasionally identified as Pachacamac, Earth-maker, Earth-maker, Kodo-yanpe, Pacharurac, Pacharurac, Pachayachachic, Pachayachachic, Teacher of the World, Ticci Viracocha or Aymara Yatin.

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