South American - A cave with 3 exits. This is the cave from which the ancestors of the Inca people were said to have emerged. Some say that there were three such caves. In some versions, there were the four - Ayar Manco, Pachacamac, Viracocha and one other; in others, there were three - Apocatequil, Ataguchu and Piguerao. Others claim that there were three or four brothers and three or four sisters. Also referred to as Pacari, Apo-tampu, Apo-tampu, Cave of Refuge, Cave of Refuge, House of the Dawn, House of the Dawn, Inn of Dawn, Inn of Dawn, Inn of Origin, Inn of Origin, Pacari-Tambo, Pacari-Tambo, Pacari Tampu, Pacari Tampu, Pacariqtambo, Pacariqtambo, Paccari-Tambo, Paccari-Tambo, Paccarisca, Paccarisca, Tambotocco, Tambotocco, Cave of the Dawn, Cave of the Dawn, Pac(c)ari-Tambo, Pac(c)ari-Tambo, Children of the Sun, Children of the Sun, Ayar Ayca, Ayar Cachi, Ayar Manco, Ayar Oco, Cusco Huanca, Inti, Mama Coyo, Mama Huaco, Mama Ipa Qora, Mama Ocllo, Mama Rahua, Tahuantin-Suyu-Kapac or Topa Huaco.

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