South American - The soul, in the lore of the Tupari. It is said that, when a person dies, the soul leaves the body through the eyes or the pupils leave him and become the pabid. After a perilous journey, threatened by fierce animals, the soul crosses the river Mani-Mani to live in the land of the dead. Here two worms bore into the belly and eat all the bowels before crawling out. At this point, Patobkia restores the sight of the pabid by sprinkling pepper on the eyes and then the pabid is required to have sexual intercourse with one of the giants, the female Vaugh'eh or the male Mpokalero. The pabid can breed to produce children. The males breathe on a bundle of leaves which they then throw on to the back of the chosen woman who then becomes pregnant. At times, called pabid, ki-apoga-pod, ki-apoga-pod, ki-apogo-pod or ki-apogo-pod.

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