P'eng Tsu

Chinese - A god of longevity. As a mortal, he was said to have lived longer than any of his nineteen wives or his fifty-four sons. Also referred to as P'eng Tsu, Shou Shen, Shou Shen, Ancient of the South Pole, Canopus, Nan-chi Hsien-weng, Nan-chi Lao Jen, Old Man of the South Pole, sacred birds, Shen Lou, Shou Hsing, Shou-hsing Lao Tou-tzu, Star of Longevity, Nan-chi Hsienweng, Shou Lao, Shou Lou, Shou-hsing Lao T'aotzu, Canopus, Japanese Fukurokuju or Tobosaku.

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