Central American - The Aztec first man who, with the woman Cipactonal, was created. By Piltzintecuhtli. In some accounts, Piltzintecuhtli was the son of Oxomoco and Cipactonal, while others say that he was the same as Tonatiuh. Oxomoco was one of the four sages of the Aztec migration, the others being Chipactonal, Tlaltecuin and Xochicahuaca. These four were said to have invented the Aztec alphabet. In some accounts, Oxomoco is the same as Xmucane. At times, called Oxomoco, Oxomuco, Oxomuco, Xmucane, Xmucane, Xmukan, Xmukane, Oromuco, Oromuco or Oxonoco.

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