General - A widely-distributed night-flying bird of prey traditionally deemed to be wise. (1) The Buddhists regard the owl as a messenger of Yama. (2) In Central America the Aztec refer to the owl as Tlacolotl and regard it as a bird of ill-omen. (3) In the Christian tradition the owl is an attribute of both Christ and Satan. (4) In Egypt the owl was regarded as a symbol of death. (5) In Greece the owl was regarded as sacred to Athene and Demeter. (6) In Hindu lore, the owl (Shakra) was regarded as an attribute of Yama and sacred to Indra. (7) The Japanese regard the owl as typifying filial ingratitude, as a form of Fukuro and as a god of villages. (8) The Malay regard owls as ghosts. (9) In North America, the Algonquin people regard the owl as an attendant on the Lord of the Dead. (10) In Persian lore the owl, Asho- Zushta, could drive away demons by reciting passages from the Avesta. In some references, identified as owl.

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