North American - The first being, in the lore of the Californian tribes. When Ouiot grew old, his children, deeming him no longer capable of ruling, poisoned him. At his funeral, Coyote snatched a piece of the corpse from the pyre and ran off. Some of the skin fell on the ground and here the creator Chinigchinich appeared, giving Ouiot's children the power to become medicine-men for the benefit of the men he promised to make. In another version, he was the son of Sirout and Ycaiut, and was killed by his children who ground up some of the black rock, Tosaut, and used it to kill him by sprinkling it on his chest where it ate into his body. At his funeral, Attajen appeared and gave the children of Ouiot the power to become sorcerers. Other tribes referred to Ouiot as Atahen or Attajen. At times, identified as Ouiot, Dominator, Dominator, Owiot, Owiot, Wiamot, Wiamot, Wiyot, Wiyot, Wy'ot, Atahen, Atahen, Attajen, Attajen, Attahen, Chinigchinich, 'great captain', 'great captain', 'master', 'master', Quiamot or Quiamot.

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