Norse - Son of Hreidmar. Brother of Fafnir and Regin. When Odin, Hoenir and Loki visited earth, this son of Hreidmar was sitting in the sun in the form of an otter and Loki killed the animal for food. In compensation, his father demanded sufficient gold to cover the otter's skin which expanded as more and more gold was added. Loki forced Andvari, the dwarf-king, to hand over his hoard of gold and the curse that the dwarf put on the treasure was the source of much trouble in later years. In some accounts, identified as Otter, Oter, Oter, Otr, Otr, Ottar or Ottar.
North American - One of the 4 animals which tried to find soil from which Manabush. Could re-create the world. In Algonquian lore, Beaver, Mink and Otter all died in an attempt to find soil after the flood and it was left to Muskrat to succeed. Also referred to as Otter, Oter, Oter, Otr, Otr, Ottar or Ottar.

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