North American - A young orphan. He grew up alone, except for his sister, and set off to find adventure. He met a chief who offered him his two daughters but, when he insisted that the young man should marry both Good and Wicked, Otter-Heart fled, pursued by the two maidens. When he hid in a pine tree, they chopped it down and he escaped by riding on a cone and when he hid in a cedar, he was saved when his guardian spirit broke the maidens' axes. He came to a teepee where the woman who welcomed him exposed herself as Wicked by eating the best part of the beaver he had caught. At a second lodge, the woman gave Otter-Heart the best parts of the otter he brought with him and admitted that the otters were her relatives. She was the Good maiden and he married her. Occasionally referred to as Otter-Heart.

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