Japanese - Daughter of Watatsumi. Sister of Tama-yori. Wife of Fire Fade and Urashima. Mother of Amasuhiko. She left the undersea home of her father, a Dragon King, to marry the mortal Fire Fade, but returned there after the birth of their son, Amasuhiko. In another story, to test Urashima's kindness, she appeared as a tortoise and allowed herself to be caught on his fishing-line. Urashima threw her back into the sea and the tortoise carried him down to her underwater realm where she assumed her normal shape and married him. When he left her to visit his parents, she gave him a small casket but made him promise not to open it. He failed to keep his promise and, opening the casket, became a very old man and died on the spot. The few days he had been away from home turned out to be 300 years. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Oto-hime.
Japanese - A beautiful maiden. She and Ye-hime were selected to become wives of the emperor Keiko who sent his son, Oho-usu, to bring them to his court. The son married both the girls and sent two others to the court in their place. The emperor rejected them and they both died of grief. Called Oto-hime.

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