North American - An Iroquois culture-hero. Twin brother of Djuskaha. These boys were born to a maiden, daughter of Ataensic, impregnated by the West Wind, and Othagwenda was abandoned at birth, only to be rescued by his brother. When they reached maturity, they went their separate ways, making plants and animals, later meeting to compare their handiwork. Djuskaha made a number of improvements to things created by his brother so that they were beneficial to men whereas Othagwenda spoiled much of his brother's work. As a result, they quarrelled and Othagwenda was killed. Occasionally called Othagwenda, Flint, Flint, Tawiscara, Tawiscara, Dark One, The, Oterongtongnia, Taweskare, Tawiscana, Tawiskala, Tawiskara, Tehotennhiaron, Dark One, 'flint', Hahgwehdaetgah, Tawiscaron, Tawiskaron, Tawiskava, Abnaki Malsum or Algonquin Chibiabos.

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