North American - An Iroquois creator-god. Son of Awenhai's daughter. Twin brother of Tawiscaron. He and his twin were enemies, even in their mother's womb and she died as the result of their birth when Oterongtongnia was born from her armpit. He made the good things in the world while his twin made all the evil things so he chased Tawiscaron who became, or created, the Rocky Mountains. Sometimes known as Oterongtongnia, Ioskeha, Ioskeha, Iouskeha, Jouskeha, Odendonnia, Sapling, Teharon, Teharonhiawagon, Tharonhiawakon, Tharonmaouagon, White One, Yoskeha, Hahgwehdiyu, 'Sapling', Teharon(hiawagon), Tharonhiaouagon, Abnaki Gluskap, Algonquin Manabozho, Huron Tsent(s)a, Menominee Manabush, Montagnais Messou, Djuskaha, Tawiscara, Tawiscara, Dark One, The, Othagwenda, Taweskare, Tawiscana, Tawiskala, Tawiskara, Tehotennhiaron, Dark One, 'flint', Hahgwehdaetgah, Tawiscaron, Tawiskaron, Tawiskava, Abnaki Malsum or Algonquin Chibiabos.

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