Osong Buwon-Gunq

Korean - A man who became a general. As a young man, he was once lost in the mountains and came across a young girl weeping. It appeared that a priest, whose suit for her hand had been rejected, had killed all her family. Osong killed the priest who was, in fact, a tiger but, when he refused to stay with the girl, she hanged herself. In later years, a yellow handkerchief wrapped itself round his sword in battle and he lost the fight. The handkerchief, the spirit of the dead girl, reproached him for his heartlessness and he repented. He returned to the house, found her body and gave her a decent burial. In his next battle, the yellow handkerchief appeared again but this time it hindered his opponent so that Osong was able to win the battle. On occassion, known as Osong Buwon-Gunq.

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