Irish - A great warrior. Son of Oisin and Eibhir. Grandson of Finn mac Cool. Husband of Aidin. As a youth, he fought with the Fianna against the army of Lochlanners led by Colga and killed him in single combat. Later, when Colga's son, Midac, trapped Finn mac Cool and his companions in the Quicken Trees Hostel, he killed Sinsar, leader of the forces which had sailed to Ireland to help Midac against the Fianna. He was one of the party of nine, led by Goll mac Morna, which recovered Finn's hounds, Bran and Sceolan, when they were stolen by Arthur. He later commanded the Fianna battalion known as The Terrible Broom and eventually the whole of the Fianna. He led them against the high-king, Cairbre Lifeachair, who tried to restrict the power of the Fianna, killing the king but dying from his wounds. Aidin died of grief. Some say that the Fianna were released from hell by the prayers of St Patrick, at the behest of Oisin and Cailte, and it was Oscar who held back the fiends sent to recapture them, using a giant flail. Known as Oscar, Osca, Osca, Osgar or Osgar.

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