Norse - A wind-god, some say. Son of Groa. He was stolen as a baby by the frostgiants and rescued by Thor. One of his toes, sticking out of the basket in which Thor carried him, became frostbitten. Thor accidentally broke it off and then threw it into the sky as a star in the constellation Orion. In an alternative version, he was the husband of Groa and the father by her of Hadburg and Svipdas. His second wife, Sith, bore Uller, Roskva and Thialfi. On occassion, identified as Orvandil, Aurentil, Aurentil, Aurvandil, Aurvandil, Aurvandill, Aurvandill, Avo, Avo, Earendel, Earendel, Orendil, Orendil, Orvandel, Orvandel, Orwandil, Orwandil, Egil, Egil, Eigil, Horvendil, Horvendil, Horvendillus or Horwendil.

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