German - A king of the Lombards. Son of Sigeher. Husband of Sidrat. He was said to have the strength of twelve normal men. He saw a phantom castle rise out of the sea and on it a maiden with whom he fell in love. According to his uncle, Ylyas, this was a vision, conjured up by the Fata Morgana, of the fortress Muntabure and the princess Sidrat, daughter of Machorell, the ruler of Syria. Ortnit set off to find her and his mother gave him a magic ring, which made him invisible, for his protection. This brought him to a place where he met Alberich, king of the dwarfs, who told Ortnit that he, Alberich, was his real father. He then gave Ortnit a magical suit of armour and the sword, Rosen. Ortnit and his followers sacked Tyre, laid siege to Muntabure and took Sidrat back to Lombardy where she was baptised, taking the name Liebgart, and married Ortnit. Her father sent her two eggs which, he said, would produce magic toads. Instead, they produced monstrous dragons which ravaged the country. Ortnit hunted these beasts, despite a warning from Alberich, and was killed even though protected by his armour. Occasionally called Ortnit, Otnid, Otnid, Otnit, Otnit, Otwit or Otwit.

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