Orphan Boy

North American - A culture-hero of the Creek Indians. An old woman found a clot of blood which she covered with a jar and the clot developed into a baby boy whom she reared as a hunter. He wondered where the old woman, who he called Grandmother, got the maize and beans she cooked for their meals until one day he saw her scratch her thighs, producing a stream of maize from one and beans from the other. She then said that he must leave and, on her orders, set fire to the hut, destroying it and all its contents. Before he left, she gave him a cap made of rattlesnakes and bluejays which kept him safe. The hat was stolen by Rabbit but Orphan Boy later recovered it. He married a beautiful maiden and became chief provider for the tribe. Later, he and his wife travelled back to Grandmother's home where they found the earth covered with wonderful crops of maize and beans. In some lore, occasionally called Orphan Boy.

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