British - A lady rejected by Percival. Lover of Gawain. In some accounts, she is said to have had an affair with Amfortas. Gawain fell in love with her and she made him fight many battles that she herself had caused. On Mount Salvat, she promised to marry him if he would fight her enemy, Gramoflanz. Gawain accepted a challenge to fight Gramoflanz who sent a champion to fight for him. This turned out to be Percival who defeated Gawain but spared his life. At times, identified as Orgelleuse, Orgueilleuse, Orgueilleuse, Orilus, Orilus, Orguelleus de la Lande, Orgueilleux, Orgueilleux, Angoulaffre or Angoulaffre Orgelleuse.

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