Greek - The revelations of a god: a place where these revelations were made known. The two most famous oracles were those of Apollo at Delphi where the revelations were made by the Pythoness and that of Zeus at Dodona where the rustling of the leaves on the oak trees was interpreted to reveal the will of the gods. Zeus (as Ammon) had another oracle at Siwa in Libya. Others were at Amonium (Zeus), Aphaea (Aphrodite), Arcadia (Pan), Athens (Heracles), Branchidae (Apollo), Charos (Apollo), Crete (Zeus), Delos (Apollo), Epidaurus (Asclepius), Gades (Heracles), Lebadea (Trophonius), Mycenae (Athena), Paphos (Aphrodite) and Rome (Aesculapius). Sometimes identified as oracle.

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