African - A creator-god of the Ashanti. In some accounts, Onyankopon is Nyame as 'the shining one'; in others he is a separate deity identified by some as Anansi or Borebore. It is said that he originally lived close to the earth in the form of the sky but an old woman, using a long mortar-stick, kept striking him as she pounded her maize, so he moved up into his present position out of harm's way. Identified as Onyankopon, Nyame, Nyame, Nyambe, Nyambi, Nzame, Onyame, Abommubuwafre, Amaomee, Amosu, Amowia, Anansi Kokroko, Borebore, Brekyirihunuade, Nana, Nyaamanekose, Nyambe, Nyankopon, Odomankoma, Otomankoma, Totrobonso, Bakongo Nzambi, Banyai Nyali, Lele Njambi, Nyankompong, Nyankompong, Anansi-toro, Anansi-toro, African Anansesem, Nyankopan, Nyankopan, Otumfoo or Otumfoo.

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