British - Brother of Damas. Damas cheated Ontzlake out of his proper inheritance and refused to settle the dispute in single combat, putting in prison any knight who offered to fight Ontzlake's cause, forcing him to fight Ontzlake. Morgan used her magic to arrange that Arthur and her lover, Accolan, should fight as the champions for Damas and Ontzlake. Even though Accolan had the use of Excalibur, previously stolen from Arthur by Morgan, the king won the fight, killing Accolan. The king ordered Damas to hand over to Ontzlake his proper share of the inheritance and took Ontzlake into his court. He helped King Arthur in the pursuit of Morgan le Fay when she stole the scabbard of Excalibur. At times, known as Ontzlake, Arthur, Arthur, Artos, Flower of Kings, Riothamus, The Wart, Zitus, Damas, also Artos, Outlake or Outlake.

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