Central American - A supreme god of the Aztecs, the first. Principle. Consort or male manifestation of Omecihuatl. This deity embodied all the opposites, male and female, light and dark, etc. In some accounts he is identified with Tonacatecuhtli. Also referred to as Ometecuhtli, Lord of Our Flesh, Lord of Our Flesh, Tonacatecuhtli, Olin-Tonatiuh, Olin-Tonatiuh, Ometechtli, Ometechtli, Two Lord, Two Lord, Citallatonac, Citallatonac, Citlaltonac, Citlalatonac, Citlalatonac, Cit(l)altonac, Cit(l)altonac, Lord of Duality, Lord of Duality or Ometicuhtli.

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